November 17-23, 2011
Gallery Gachet
88, East Cordova Street

between you and me, 3 channel audio video installation, 2007
by Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir & Mark Wilson

between you and me is a visual art project that on the face of it explores human relationships to the seal, an animal widely appropriated in Western culture for a variety of human representations and emotions. For the purpose of our enquiry, we have focused mainly on this animal within a specific geographical context, allowing us to draw attention to (some of) these perspectives in an attempt to distinguish and separate the animal from its representations.

It is this struggle or non-correspondence that lies at the heart of between you and me.

The relationships between its components and the challenges each component presents to the others constitute the substance of the work. Ultimately, whilst encompassing issues as broad as semiotics, compassion, empathy and subjection, it tests the fallibility of representations and our unreliable dependency upon them.

Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir & Mark Wilson conduct their collaborative practice from bases in the north of England, Iceland and Gothenburg, Sweden. With a strong research grounding, their socially engaged projects explore contemporary relationships between human and non-human animals in the contexts of history, culture and the environment. The practice sets out to challenge anthro-pocentric systems and the thinking that sanctions loss through representations of ‘the other’, proposing instead, alternative tropes including ‘parities in meeting’.

Previous projects include:
Uncertainty in the City, Storey Gallery, Lancaster, UK, 2010
between you and me, Podspace Gallery, Newcastle, NSW,
2009 and Kalmar Konstmuseum, Sweden, 2009
(a)fly, Reykjavík Arts Festival, Iceland, 2006
nanoq: flat out and bluesome, assorted venues including Bristol, London, Oxford, Reykjavík, Copenhagen, Oslo, Cambridge, Svalbard and Tromsø, 2004 – 2011
Big Mouth, Tramway, Glasgow, 2004

Uncertainty in the City, The Green Box – Kunst Editionen, Berlin, 2011
nanoq: flat out and bluesome, Black Dog Publishing, London, 2006
(a)fly, National Museum of Iceland, 2006
Big Mouth, Tramway, Glasgow, 2004
Work in progress include
Matrix, a project concerning arctic maternity dens for which the artists undertook a research trip to Svalbard in 2010 and Landfill, a new project for the 2011 Gothenburg Biennial, Sweden

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