Being-­With: the Haunting of Being

We move through the world as animal–bodied in a world shared with other animals. This presentation considers the ubiquitous and essential presence of these others; their voices, their movements, and some of the ways their lifeworlds or “umwelten” intersect with ours. Who are these “others with whom I haunt a single, present and actual Being”?(1)

How can we better under stand and value the intertwining of their voices and presences in our lives and practices? These are questions I explore by way of a visual-­‐phenomenological enquiry into being-­‐with these others.

(1) Maurice Merleau-­‐Ponty, Eye and Mind p.2 (merleauponty_1964_eyeandmind.pdf)

Beth Carruthers – MA Values and Environment, BFA.
For more than 25 years Beth’s work has explored the human-world and nature-culture relationship. Part of this exploration was as a successful artist in visual and interactive media, with later and current work focusing on collaboration with scientists, environmental, and community groups.

For the past decade, her work and research has been primarily concerned with Environmental Ethics and Aesthetics, Human-Animal Studies and the cultural aspects of sustainability, including the role of artists and designers. Much of this work is influenced by the ontology and aesthetics of phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty, while drawing from the environmental humanities, social sciences, and diverse environmental philosophies. An ongoing interest is Post-humanist Ontology. She enjoys an international reputation in the area of arts, culture and sustainability, and lectures and presents at universities and conferences throughout the world. Her writing appears in publications both paper and online, and she is the author of a major research report commissioned by the Canadian Commission for UNESCO on Arts & Sustainability (2006) which has since become a primary resource document for students and researchers in the area of arts, culture, community and sustainability. She develops and teaches curriculum specific to, and works internationally as a curator and consultant in, the area of Arts, Sustainability and Social and Environmental Change.

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