Animal-Human Consciousness, Cognitive Justice, and Earth Democracy

In this talk, I will share my understanding of consciousness as a shared and participatory relational process, human and non-human. Specifically, I will deploy artist, writer, and activist Fabiola Nabil Naguib’s concept of connective practice to expand how we think about consciousness, ethical relationality and social responsiveness. I will focus on ways in which consciousness may involve the entanglement of mind, body, and world, and carry both commonality and specificity within and across species. I will also discuss compassion and related other-regarding ways of perceiving and evaluating our socio-ecological “together-doing” beyond the boundary-construct of species. Finally, I will clarify how expanding notions of consciousness and deepening compassion have important implications for democracy and justice.

Rajdeep Singh Gill is an interdisciplinary scholar, curator, and educator. His research areas and interests include creativity, ethics, cognitive, social, and environmental justice, theories of media, science, and technology, and the interconnection between consciousness and socio-political transformation. Rajdeep has served as a Pierre Eliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Curator-in-Residence at the Vancouver Art Gallery. He has taught at UBC, Emily Carr University of Art and Design and the University of the Fraser Valley. Rajdeep is the co-founder and managing editor of Creativity Commons Collective and Press.

*Photo by Martin Dee

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