Friday Nov,18 2011 7.30-9pm
Mocap studio, Intersections Digital Studios, Emily Carr University

Rubbernecking, video, 2010
by Paolo Pennuti in collaboration with Mirko Fabbri

Rubbernecking is an ironic combination of visual and audio snippets, recorded in a documentary style. According to the German biologist Jacob Von Uexkull, every creature lives only in its own Umwelt (its  subjective world), which is like a  single bubble of soap, pulled apart from the others. A Landscape can be imagined as a collection of individual worlds, similar to notes on a musical score; every note is relevant in itself and at the same time it is in relation to the others. Rubbernecking depicts a landscape-milieu ruled by forms of control and by the lack of individual possibilities to escape from the dynamics of a society which doesn’t consider people and animals as individuals as such, but rather as elements of the system.

Paolo Pennuti is a visual artist, living in Vancouver. His educational background is in Philosophy and in Visual arts. In 2005 he attended a Visual Arts scholarship program at New York University. He works primarily with video, sound and photography. Paolo combines visual and audio fragments, recorded in a documentary style, shifting their meaning into a new dimension suspended between fiction and reality.   His video works has been exhibited internationally in contemporary art galleries and film festivals. “Going to sleep is something absolutely certain in life”, shot in New Orleans six months after the hurricane Katrina, won the first prize at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Venice. Since the beginning Paolo has developed his projects both individually and in collaboration with other artists.


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