November 17-20, 2011
Concourse Gallery, Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Animal Behavior Playlist, social media installation (2011)
by Neil Chung
The Animal Behavior Playlist is a compilation of Youtube user’s uploaded videos which doucument examples of animal behavior, cognition, creativity, consciousness and agency into a Youtube playlist.

My goal is to distribute these videos through Youtube in a playlist that will automatically cycle through the choice videos. Individual users will also have the ability to recommend videos to this Animal Behavior Youtube playlist, guided by predetermined criteria set by both Youtube and myself. Sumbissions from the audience are highly encouraged as this is a participatory and interactive project.

Ideally, the Youtube playlist will continue to expand as it is viewed and shared. The idea is not to have individual videos become viral, but to have an easily accessible playlist of videos that will cultivate and broaden the online population’s thinking. This is in the hope that people will perceive animals as sentient beings, thus engaging the reconsideration of our current relationships and mentality towards animals. Other websites such as a Facebook page, and personal blog posts will be created to complement the Youtube playlist by further promoting the social aspect of this initiative.

Neil Chung immigrated to Canada from Taipei, Taiwan, at the age of ten. In contrast to his childhood in Taipei, growing up in Vancouver has cultivated his interests in nature and animals through its landscape and wildlife. During his time at Emily Carr University Neil has been working through ideas surrounding animal-human relationships, environmental concerns and the act of collection and preservation. Since completing his Bachelors in Visual Arts, Chung’s current practice is diverse and multi-disiplinary–ranging from installation, painting, sculpture, photography and video. Often Neil finds inspiration in the antics of his feline friend.



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